I personally believe that relationships are the true wealth in this world and I would not be where I am today without the amazing people we partner with. They are the reason SilentShadow is in business. Thank you so much, I am very grateful! I personally give you my word that I will show up and do my absolute best for you and your Team every time.

Shannon Rusch – Founder/CEO SEAL Swim Charities & Principle SilentShadow

Probably not too surprising to anyone but Shannon not only packed the room but received the highest ratings I’ve ever seen.  I think we should use him again next year! Thanks for the idea Dan Wellock!
Michael Woltz
CFP® – Lincoln Financial Distributors
Truly inspirational, my favorite breakout session, would like to see more sessions along this line!!!!
Annette Gregg
CMP CMM MBA – LPL Financial Vice President | Conference Experiences
Shannon was a true inspiration. My clients were touched by his story and by his service to our country. He taught us about how he was able to get through some of the toughest days of SEAL training. The tactics he gave can be applied to many different goals in all lines of work. His presentation put things into perspective when it comes to never giving up. Shannon was the best motivational speaker I have had in my 13 years of being with the company. I will be bringing him back again. Sarah Evans – Nationwide
Sarah Evans
As a Financial Services Wholesaler, I constantly try to find value-added speakers to bring to my clients. Shannon Rusch’s presentation of “A Warrior’s Mind” is a game-changer. I have had him speak in my territory more than 5 times in the past two years. Not only is the room so full that there is only standing room remaining, but each and every time he concludes his presentation, the room is a transformed into a combination of standing ovation and tears of joy. My clients have enjoyed his talking points and experiences thoroughly. Each time I meet with the folks who have seen him, they mention a take-away from the talk that they have incorporated into their business and personal lives. I only wish I could keep him a secret and all to myself. BUT, this is a story that is too good not to share. Vinny Minutolo, CFS – Regional Sales Director – Lincoln Financial Distributors
Vinny Minutolo
CFS – Regional Sales Director – Lincoln Financial Distributors
If you’re in the business world, you’ve been there. Probably, dozens of times. The sales meeting/conference/trade show you attended (or made to attend), where the “featured guest speaker” was going to change your life with their words of wisdom. I’ve been to dozens in my 20 years in the financial services industry. I’ve heard some great speakers.  But I’ve always left the room the same person I was when I entered.  I was entertained.  But soon after,  their message faded to a distant memory.  And I went back to “business as usual”. I finally met one speaker who was different. One speaker whose message stays with me.  One speaker who changed me. Shannon Rusch. If you’re looking for different results, look for a different solution. Shannon’s Warrior’s Mind can be that for you.
Pete Sczerbinski
Divisional Sales Manager – Lincoln Financial Distributors
Shannon’s portrayal of real life adversity and the approaches one can take to rise above their challenges, is one of a kind. Not your typical Navy SEAL presentation.  His approach and message is truly refreshing.  A Warriors Mind, is a must see presentation.
Jared Nepa
Divisional Sales Manager – Lincoln Financial Distributors
Shannon Rusch is one of a kind. He delivers a raw story about his personal challenges during childhood that led to him making the decision to ultimately become a US Navy SEAL.  I highly recommend Shannon to those that are looking for a message that seeks to inspire people to persevere, be tenacious, and to get rid of the mental clutter that keeps all of us from getting the most out of ourselves. Lance Cibik,  CFP® CIMA® AAMS® – Vice President, Regional Director – SunTrust Bank
Lance Cibik
CFP® CIMA® AAMS® – Vice President, Regional Director
A warrior’s mind….This is just not everyone.   It is someone that completely goes above and beyond and puts the Human Race before himself.  This is what I see in the guys that Shannon works with!  The dedication and determination these guys have are simply inspiring.  Our country and its people coming of age simply need to be inspired.  This is what a Warrior does BEST!
Tim Brown
External Wholesaler - Lincoln Financial Distributors
Dear Focus 2015 presenter: Thank you for bringing your expertise to our Focus annual conference.  We have received the survey results for your individual breakout session and details are included below. The survey included four questions (using a 5 point scale of poor/fair/good/very good/excellent) and an area for comments.  The results below indicate your session’s average score.  For your reference, our average overall rating for all Focus 2015 breakout sessions was 4.26 versus a goal of 4.1 or higher. A Warrior’s Mind – A Navy SEAL’s Perspective on Business Planning
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