Seal Swim Charities

Seal Swim Charities helps veterans and their families live a more complete life and eliminate the veteran suicide epidemic plaguing our nation’s warriors by fostering the Mind, Body and Spirit. We believe strongly in “Serving Those Who Served Us.”

Since 2011 we have held events including the LKN Navy SEAL Swim, Warrior Grind, Masquerade Ball, and more to help support veterans battling PTSD & CRS.

Mission statement: (our why)

The eradication of Veteran suicide in our nation through a Mind, Body, Spirit approach to complete healing for “our” Nations Warriors.

To facilitate a more complete and healthy lifestyle for Veterans and their families.

Also we wish to re-ignite the Warrior culture in America. These are our National treasures, our brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, cousins, boyfriends and girlfriends lets not loose another one, stand with us in this fight. We are not waiting for help from any form of government or other organizations, we have decided to take action now, join us!

Why Seal Swim Charities?

No one including myself takes a salary, everyone involved, is involved for the same reasons you want to get involved. To give out of your heart with the intentions of helping. That’s it, we keep the mission statement as the main focus. We don’t want notoriety, this is not about us, this is about the Warriors we are fighting for because they have fought for us, period.

All profits raised go to helping the Warriors. I want to be absolutely clear here, the only money set aside is to cover the events and minimal operation cost.

Example: It cost $9700 to do the Lake Norman SEAL Swim in 2015, we raised $111,000 from that event. The SSC account today sits at $11,000 the rest of the money has been donated to efforts that have been properly vetted by our Team. We know without a doubt that they are preventing suicide and helping Veterans on the edge. Also they are good stewards of the money that we donate to them.

So you can rest assured your money will make a difference.

For more information, to meet our Team, or make a donation go to: