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Summit 2019 – Early Bird Pricing


  • Free Lunch
  • Free Drinks throughout day
  • AWM Book ($120 value)
  • One Seat at 8 Person Table, 2 Rows Back, first come first serve


  • Skip the Line (VIP Entrance)
  • Free Lunch
  • Free Drinks throughout day
  • Swag bag with Vitamin B patches – AWM book & program – AWM 5 video series ($200 value)
  • One Seat at 8 Person Table, Front 2 Rows


  • Free Lunch
  • Free Drinks throughout day
  • AWM Book & Program ($120 value)
  • 8 Person Table, 2 Rows Back, first come first serve


  • Skip the Line (VIP Entrance)
  • Free Lunch
  • Free Drinks throughout day
  • Swag bag with Vitamin B patches – AWM book & program – AWM 5 video series ($200 value)
  • 8 Person Table, Front 2 Rows


Silver sponsorship

For $1,000 you get:

  • 2 general admission tickets
  • Half of an 8ft table to promote your brand/business
  • VIP entrance
  • The right to bring your own marketing material in to present to 250 + guest who purchase tickets to The Unstoppable Mind Summit

Gold Sponsorship

For $2,500 you get:

  • 2 general admission tickets
  • 2 additional general admission and 2 VIP seats (4 tickets total)
  • VIP entrance
  • One 8ft table
  • Included on all marketing material
  • Access to 250 + people
  • Access to the lunch buffet

Speaker Bios

Isabella Mancebo – Singer/Actress
Born September 11th, 1998
Isabella is a twenty-year-old young woman who is firmly chasing her dreams of success. She just recently moved to Los Angeles, CA from living in Charlotte, NC for over ten years. She has finally come into contact with who she was destined to be, and it all stemmed from her taking a leap of faith; taking an opportunity of a life time to move across the country. She aspires to become an doctor, and will be attending UCLA in 2020. It doesn’t just stop there, she gets her greatest fulfillment from dancing, singing, and acting. Anything that makes people feel genuine & pure emotion is what feeds her soul, and pushes her to keep striving in life!

Robert Hackney is the Managing Partner with Securance Financial, a financial services company headquartered in Charlotte, NC. His professional knowledge is in the development of a complete financial strategy for business owners and executives that includes retirement planning and forecasting, asset protection and estate strategies. He is the founder of the 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization Charlotte Business Group, one of the largest local professional networks, whose mission is to connect professionals and companies throughout the Greater Charlotte area and give back to local charities in need.
Robert attended Western Carolina University in Cullowhee, NC where he played on the schools Rugby team. He also served and held the rank of Specialist, as a Forward Observer for the United States Army Reserves in the 30th Heavy Brigade Team, 1/113th Field Artillery Battalion.
He is also a member of and supports many local organizations including the Habitat for Humanity of Charlotte, Kiwanis International of Charlotte, Loaves and Fishes, the Mint Museum, United Way of the Central Carolinas, and Providence United Methodist Church where he coaches the Senior High boys basketball team. In his spare time, He enjoys playing golf, training for triathlons, as well as all other forms of sport, and spending quality time with friends and family.

Ben Newman is a highly regarded Performance Coach, International Speaker and Best-Selling Author, whose clients include Fortune 500 companies around the world, business executives, sales organizations and professional athletes in the NFL, PGA, NBA, MLB, UFC and NCAA. Ben is also a contributor on (To read his articles please visit and search Ben Newman).  Ben serves as a Special Consultant for the 17-time National Champion Alabama Football Program. In addition, he is the Performance Coach for the record setting 5-straight Division I National Football Champion North Dakota State Bison and Ben was recently named by as a TOP 10 Motivator in Sports.  His clients have included: Microsoft, Anheuser-Busch InBev, Quicken Loans, Cintas, United States Army, MARS Snackfoods, Northwestern Mutual, AFA Singapore, Mass Financial Group, Wells Fargo Advisors, Great West Life Canada, Boston Medical
Center, Boys & Girls Club of America, St. Croix, New York Life, Alabama Football, Mizzou Basketball, The Miami Dolphins, North Dakota State Football, The University of Iowa and The Minnesota Vikings…as well as thousands of executives, entrepreneurs, athletes and sales teams from around the globe.  Ben’s authentic, powerful, and engaging presentations have become nationally recognized. He has shared the stage with Jerry Rice, Ray Lewis, Tony Dungy, Colin Powell, Brian Tracy, Ken Blanchard, Jon Gordon, Dr. Jason Selk, Floyd Little, Aeneas Williams, Walt Jocketty and other leaders and legends in the world.  Ben lives in his hometown of St. Louis, Missouri with the true measure of his success, his wife, Ami, and their children, J. Isaac and Kennedy Rose.

Shane Griffin is a successful entrepreneur originally from Canada now residing in California. He went from owning nightclubs in Toronto to going through a personal journey from addiction to recovery, to now owning some of the largest health-based companies across North America. He is the founder of the Vitamin Patch Club (, the first vitamin patch technology company in North America. He also feels it is a responsibility to give back socially. He donates time, awareness, services and products every month to various charities across North America as his way of giving back.  Shane Griffin is making the world a better place by giving back globally, nationally and regionally with the charitable division of Vitamin Patch Club. He calls it Philanthropreneurship, the concept of building a business based on giving back. That is the 10k foot view, but ground level he also offers his life coaching and speaking services pro-bono to support people going through recovery significant life changes

Shane Griffin, CNP, ROHP
Vitamin Patch Club
P: 310-905-0848
E: [email protected]

Zegin Braun
-Born October 14, 1977
-By 2 years of age I was riding a dirt bike (by 3 I learned to ride a bicycle) I could ride a dirt bike first yes. By 11 years old I had sign with Kawasaki as a Team Green rider, and one multiple Amateur National championships trough my Amateur years.( 9 time New York State Champion, 2 time Florida state Champion, 3 time Kawasaki Race of Champion winner, 1 time World Mini Grand Prix champion, along with many more, including 20 plus invites to Loretta-Lynns Amateur International Championships). I went on to a PRO Career with Kawasaki that included wins, and championship successes, but was ended early (17) due to injury, and loss of support.

– By 18 I was healing and lost as to what to do with my life, I only had one plan!!! be professional Motocrosser! With the help of my father, and a year or two of crashing, and burning through life, I found my passion for CARS!! so I went into building, and selling custom cars, and car/truck accessories. Running a company called Truckin Crazy for a few years. Until a bad business decision with much older and wiser business men than myself found without a company, or job. I again found myself in the crash, and burn self pity part of life.

-By 23 My dad had again stepped in, and brought me back to the only place I have ever really felt at home (a Motorcross track) this time my father who was already a famous personality in the sport, and know as THE VOICE brought me to a different stage, or should I say a different spot on the stage. This time I was not the one getting interviewed, instead I was doing the interview. I went on to have a successful career announcing, and broadcast. I was the premier announcer for all of the following over the next 10 years (USHA Monster Truck Shows, IHRA drag racing, Formula USA road racing, National ArenaCross series, Monster Energy Supercross, and Outdoor Nationals, along with a TV broadcast for OLN, TNN, and FS1 including my own show for a short time in 2014 called Supercross Live.) I tied this in with another career in this industry as a national representative for the largest distribution company of motorcycle, and ATV parts in the world.

-By 33 I was now married with 3 kids, and felt the need for something more!! I already was announcing, being a rep, and was the Vice President of mine, and my fathers motorcycle production company Braun Entertainment( which held one of the largest Amateur Nationals in the world the Amateur Open in Phoenix, AZ every December), and owned a small car dealership in NY. So I set out to make my name in my home town, and create The BEST food, and drink establishment our town had seen! (since I was a kid I had heard stories of the the amazing night club my father had owned called The Pour House). So I bought a building, and started in on building the place. I physically built the place, and quit announcing, and my rep job. To go on a year later and open Brauns Pour House which became the most popular, and busy restaurant in the area hands down.

-By 35 I was living the American dream making well into 6 figures running 3 companies that i owned, Houses, boats, cars, nannys, etc.. only to find myself in the midst of a divorce. I then watched myself crash, and burn again, giving most of everything to my ex to keep custody of my kids, and what was left I sold or left, and left for the Carolina’s only to sit on my boat drink, and watch it burn! My dad stepped in again, and pushed me to start again for my kids, and help others. I took a job at a classic car place selling cars to make ends meet while i started the rebuild again. I went through a lot of ups and downs, and MANY struggles.

– By 38 I was alone again heart broke, and ready to watch it burn! BUT…… this time something happened, I was at a low, Single, Kids were with their mom in NY, and i was on a crash course. then the call came my dad had had a stroke. over the next 36 days a lot happened, and my dad told me after his stoke he was disappointed in me, and what i was doing and that it was time for me to get up and do it again!! I made him a promise I would handle it if he beat the stroke and walked again, wihin 16 days he had done what I asked, and I had new focus to beat him again only to have the call come in from my brother 20 days later dad had suffered another stroke, and was not going to make it, I also lost my dog of 16 years shortly after.

– I’m now 41 making well into 6 figures again, raising 3 awesome kids, building multiple cars, and business up, while making sure to keep my health a focus with the help of a Warriors mind, my friends, and my lessons in life.

– what I want to speak on is not about the wins, but the loses! and the ability to never quit, and always get back up. The common thread is the crash and burn, each time this happened in my life was because i lost my focus/ purpose. there is so much more, we will talk this week, I just wanted to get you something to start putting into what you are looking for. I want to focus on the person who does not believe its possible, or has just been beat down, and wants to give up, thats fear, and fear is fake, its a thought you put in your head about something that has not happened. but sticking to the Unstoppable Mind will keep you focused if your at the bottom or the top, because just like racing if you if you lose focus you WILL lose the race.
Choose NOT to lose the race of life, choose to be UNSTOPPABLE!!!

John Woodward, MD, MS
American Board of Family Physicians
American Board of Integrative and Holistic Medicine
Fellowship Trained in Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine
Master of Science of Exercise Science and Cardiac Rehabilitation
Dr. John Woodward defines the term “health” as the optimal state of well being where all faculties and senses are alive and functioning at their peak. By defining health by our terms, health means much more than just the absence of symptoms or disease. Dr. Woodward’s passion for health began early as a young athlete. This passion led to a career as a wellness coach and personal trainer while completing his Masters Degree in Cardiac Rehab and Exercise Physiology at Northeastern IL University. He worked in clinical research before attending Medical School at Medical University of the Americas and his residency at the University of Illinois School of Medicine. His passion for nutrition and wellness continued as he trained other physicians and the community about the importance of nutrition and exercise. He has spoken on various topics such as Nutrition and Wellness, Gut Health, Hormone Management, Optimal Wellness and his favorite class: Behaviors for Success. Dr. Woodward has merged two different types of medicine over the past 18 years. He continues to save lives in a busy Emergency Room setting and is passionate about giving patients their life back at EverVitalMD. He opened his first Functional Medicine clinic in Illinois in 2013 and opened the current location in Mooresville, NC in February of 2014.
Dr. Woodward uses an integrative approach to treat various conditions by merging conventional medicine and evidence based alternative treatments. Dr. Woodward and his team work together to create a specialized plan for each client with optimal health being the goal.
He is certified by the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine, American Board of Integrative and Holistic Medicine, American Academy of Family Physicians and is trained by the Institute of Functional Medicine and the American College of Sports Medicine.

Mac Lackey is an American entrepreneur who has started, built and sold 5 companies all in 7 or 8 figure exits. He and his companies have been featured on CNN, The Wall Street Journal, Fast Company, USA Today and the New York Times. He and his family have now dedicated significant resources to teach driven entrepreneurs how to build and scale companies while still living an amazing life full of family, health, travel or whatever their passions are. His personal site can be found here:

Summit Schedule

8:00 – 8:45 registration

8:45 – 8:50 national anthem by Isabella Mancebo

8:50 – 9:00 welcome and intro Shane Griffin w/ Shannon R. & Zahra S.

9:00 – 9:45 Shane Griffin

9:45 – 10:00 intro to Zegin Braun w/ Shannon R. & Zahra S.

10:00 –  10:45 Zegin Braun

10:45 – 11:00 intro to John Woodward w/ Shannon R. & Zahra S.

11:00 – 11:45 John Woodward

11:45 – 12:15 lunch

12:15 – 1:00 open mingle

1:00 – 1:15 take seats / intro to Ben Newman w/ Shannon R. & Zahra S.

1:15 – 2:00 Ben Newman

2:00 – 2:15 intro to Robert Hackney w/ Shannon R. & Zahra S.

2:15 – 3:00 Robert Hackney

3:00 – 3:15 intro to Mac Lackey w/ Shannon R. & Zahra S.

3:15 – 4:00 Mac Lackey





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