The 1st Impact Program in the Unstoppable Mind 5 Part Series “A Warrior’s Mind”

A Warrior’s Mind Impact Video Series

In this Hour-Long Five Part Video Series, on improving yourself we cover topics like, Passion, Self Awareness, Strengths & Weaknesses, Communication, Relationships, Leadership, Teamwork, Living in the Moment, The Power of Taking Action, What is your Reason, and Never Quit Mindset.

This one of a kind series also includes:

1. A Warrior’s Mind 5 Video series $10,000
2. A Warrior’s Mind program $400
3. A Warrior’s Mind Book $20
Bonus # 1 30 min strategy call $250
Bonus # 2 Top 10 book list $200
Bonus # 3 Top 3 Podcast $200
Bonus # 4 6 Week private Facebook $1500

Total Combined Value: $12,570.00


May I ask you a few questions? Do any of these ring true for you…….
You set a goal with good intentions and you find you just don’t follow through.

You feel as though things are going “OK” but you can’t shake the feeling that you are just going through the motions and life is passing you by.

Deep down inside you are haunted by the feeling that you were created for something better, perhaps even greatness, but you’re unsure how to unlock the power to get there.

You know what, I have been there as well.

Stuck in hopelessness and uncertainty, wondering if this is as good as it gets and knowing that if it is….. I’m in BIG trouble.

But what if it could be different for you, what if it could happen faster then you ever thought possible?

Here is how we can get there together.

Forget the million and one excuses, I don’t have the time, the money, the ability. Instead think about it this way, if even one of these reasons resonate with you, that is all you need to get started.

1. You want to be more present for your family.
2. You want to experience life with true freedom.
3. You want control over your time.
4. You want to know that you can create legacy for your loved ones.
5. You want chart your own course for your future not sail someone else’s course.

Any one of these reasons is why you need to take action now to accelerate your growth.
This moment is all we really have, this is your moment, choose to win now for you and your family.

I have been where you might be now and because I have walked through the shadows, that is how A Warrior’s Mind was born.
It is my mission in life to help good people like you free yourself from the self-imposed chains of fear, get out of your own way, and reclaim your life so you can crush it!

Maybe you are wondering right now is all this worth it? Will it work for me? Here is what some have said about A Warrior’s Mind.


“I highly recommend Shannon. You will leave there inspired, motivated and with A Warrior’s Mind!”
Kevin R. Knutson, USMC – Executive Director
[email protected]

“Truly inspirational – My favorite breakout session, would like to see more sessions along this line!!!!”
Annette Gregg, CMP CMM MBA – LPL Financial Vice President | Conference Experiences

“I finally met one speaker who was different. One speaker whose message stays with me. One speaker who changed me. Shannon Rusch. If you’re looking for different results, look for a different solution. Shannon’s Warrior’s Mind can be that for you.”
Pete Sczerbinski – Divisional Sales Manager – Lincoln Financial Distributors

“Shannon was a true inspiration! The tactics he gave can be applied to many different goals in all lines of work. Shannon was the best motivational speaker I have had in my 13 years of being with the company. I will be bringing him back again.”
Sarah Evans – Nationwide