Shannon Rusch was born in Lawton, OK. At 18 months a drunk driver killed his mother in a violent car
wreck. His father left him, and his brother as bastards and they were both eventually adopted by their
Grandparents and moved from Lawton to Poplar Bluff, MO.
At the age of 15, Shannon came home from school to find his Grandfather dead from a massive heart
attack only to have the majority of his family blame Shannon for his death claiming, "you were to much
stress on his heart." This event was the catalyst for a very dark period in Shannon’s life. For the next
seven years, Shannon actively participated in self-destruction through high-risk behavior and all the
activities that come along with that kind of lifestyle.
His Grandmother was then diagnosed with terminal cancer and given three months to live. During the
last two weeks of her life, some of Shannon's family members took power of attorney and stole his part of
the estate.
Shannon realized he was at a crossroads and instead of giving into the darkness he decided to enlist in
the Navy to tackle the hardest military training in the world at the age of 21 as a Navy Seal.

Shannon graduated BUDS class 236, served at SEAL Team 4, deployed to South America and
participated in Anti Narcotic, Anti-Terror, and Foreign Internal defense missions.
After retiring from the Navy, Mr. Rusch started consulting and training with 5326 Solutions LLC, an
American corporation built on the fundamentals of tactical patience, advanced tradecraft, tactics, and
Mr. Rusch then founded SEAL Swim Charities a 501c3, whose mission is to eradicate Veteran suicide,
through a mind, body, spirit approach and has worked with and supported amazing military organizations
like Homefront K9, Operation Restored Warrior, and Purple Heart Homes.
Shannon currently runs his own company, SilentShadow USA a business that focuses on motivational
speaking, mindset development, and firearms consulting.
Philanthropist, business owner, veteran, Shannon Rusch, continues to serve his community and nation
with the passion of his HEART!

About Me

Many folks talk about success, but they don't talk about the struggle it takes to get there. I want to share
with you the mindset born from some of my trials and experiences in the battle of life. It is easy to choose
to move forward when everything is going well, but when we have been knocked down time and time
again that it is when it is most important to want to win! Let's explore this mindset together, "in the
moment of the struggle" with examples from the darkest and most significant moments of my life, and the
lessons I have learned and applied to everything I do every day. Let's choose to WIN together!
I want to share with you my life story, the struggle of losing my parents at a young age, then my
grandparents as a teenager and the betrayal of my family. How these events shaped the decisions I
made, and still make today.
I want to share with you how far one can fall into the darkness and the fact that there is always HOPE to
claim VICTORY.
Out of these trials was born A Warrior's Mind, a unique presentation that covers my life experiences and
how they shaped my mindset. In it, I focus on topics like, #1 What is your reason for doing what you
do, and how passion changes the world. #2 Taking action, and how it’s the power to create the
results and future you desire. #3 No fail mentality, and what never quitting means to me.
If you think this is something you or your TEAM would benefit from, I would love an opportunity to partner
with you.
You have my word; I’ll show up and knock it out of the park for you and your TEAM!
Would you like to treat your business Team to something different, maybe you would want to put together
something special for your "top producers" other than just another meeting in the board room going over
charts, graphs, numbers, and new products. While that stuff is essential, so is an adventure!
SilentShadow has created unique opportunities that focus on team building, mindset, and communication
under stress to help even the tightest of Teams become tighter and grow exponentially together.
Whether that is a day on the range with your Team learning how to shoot, move, and communicate or
multiple engagements over a period time covering topics like, Passion, Self-awareness, Strengths &

Weaknesses, Communication, Relationships, Leadership, Teamwork, Living in the Moment, The power of
Taking Action, What is your Why?, and Never Quit Mindset.