About Me

Shannon Rusch has extensive experience in communications, team leadership, and the delivery of solid results in high-stress environments, with experience as a United States Navy SEAL and a record of success in a deployment to mitigate terrorism and narcotics trafficking throughout Central and South America.

Shannon Rusch is an unconventional forward thinker with a skill set of helping people break free of the internal fears, doubts, and other self-imposed limitations. Highly skilled communicator, presenter, motivator, and author. Shannon has extensive experience in communications, team leadership, and the delivery of actual results in high-stress corporate environments. Shannon is credited with advising commercial and government clients on strategies, procedures, and best practices that achieve mission results.

As the Principle of SilentShadow USA Inc., Shannon brings a wealth of wisdom and experience to his expertise as a trainer, speaker, and coach. Mr. Rusch has worked with dozens of Fortune 500 companies to date. Shannon has shared the stage with Titans in the High-Performance industry like Ben Newman, Jesses Itzler, Herschel Walker, and Jackie Joyner-Kersse sharing his thoughts on Unstoppable Mentality.

Shannon is the creator of The Unstoppable Mind a Project. A twelve-week program designed to help clients unlock their potential, so they can move forward with intentional actions towards their ideal life. Shannon has coached executive teams, and individuals of all ages, guiding them to success.

Mr. Rusch has also been a Lead Facilitator for Operation Restored Warrior for 10 years working with our nation’s Heroes and business leaders from around the world. After hearing thousands of life stories over the period of 10 years and helping navigate these individuals back into the truth of who they are, these experiences have given him great insight into the human psyche. These experiences coupled with his own life experiences (good and bad), international training, speaking, one on one and group coaching, and his unwavering desire to serve on the highest level give him a unique perspective to meet people right where they are to help them become Unstoppable!

Shannon is a Member of BUDs Class 236, a John Maxwell certified trainer, speaker, coach, and an IIN certified health coach.

Mr. Rusch currently resides in Cornelius, North Carolina, and worships at Freedom House.

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